“There is nothing permanent except change.”


Zwirnerei & Nähfadenfabrik Erwin Kabis, Oederan / Saxony


Erwin Kabis establishes the “Zwirnerei & Nähfadenfabrik” in Oederan/Saxony.

Employees: 20 workers.

Undeveloped area: 27,000 m2 (today’s location).

Production: thread



Production volume of 200 to 300t sewing thread per year.

Employees: approx. 500 workers in 2- and 3-shift operation.

Production: upper yarns, clothes yarns, straw hat threads, shoe threads, basting cottons, fishing line



Creation of the corporation of the “Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutscher Baumwoll-Nähfadenfabriken GmbH München”. Erwin Kabis is replaced as owner.

VEB Zwirnerei und Nähfadenfabrik Oederan


Beginning reconstruction of the company after World War II by 22 employees and transformation into state ownership (VEB = “Volkseigener Betrieb” / nationally-owned enterprise)



Until 1988 affiliation of other formerly private enterprises to the VEB Zwirn- und Nähfadenfabrik Oederan.

Employees: approx. 1,100 clerks and workers,

largest sewing thread manufacturer of the GDR



Partial reprivatisation or closure of affiliated production sites, ongoing production of sewing and weaving threads in the Treuhand enterprise “Oederaner Nähfaden GmbH

Alterfil Nähfaden GmbH


Privatisation by Alterfil Nähfaden GmbH.

Principle shareholder: Claus Wisser (former main shareholder of Ackermann Göggingen AG).

Aim: production of new, innovative sewing threads



In the context of a management buyout, Thomas Seitz and Gosbert Amrhein take over the newly founded Alterfil Nähfaden GmbH as managing partners with retroactive effect from 01.01.2006.



After a serious illness, Thomas Seitz dies at the age of only 53 years! Gosbert Amrhein continues leading the company as general manager.